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If you are interested in my background and experience please read on….

1986 Instem designed and built its own DEC PDP-11 based Control and I/O systems. I started my apprenticeship on the shop floor assembling and wiring control panels full of Instem G-Range and I-Range Control System equipment.

1988 Back when Instem manufactured its own control platforms there was a large test department. There was board level testing and system level testing. It was the system level testing that I moved in to and spent the next 6 years testing and fault finding control system hardware. This is where I was first introduced to Instem’s customer’s, carrying out hardware customer acceptance testing.

1994 I then moved in to Field Service providing 24/7 support on Instem’s install base. Instem still manufactured its own hardware but were slowly transitioning in to the System Integrator business you see today. They started to integrate 3rd party manufacturers equipment such as GEM80, GE Harris, Rockwell, Schneider, Siemens etc. I was now traveling all over the UK keeping Instem supported systems up and running. It was around this time I was first introduced to power station sites. I was asked to site manage Instem’s installation subcontractors and carry out on site design work, testing and commissioning.

1997 It was around this time that Instem started its Coal fired power station Soft Desk refurbishment era. This was when I became a full-time site-based Engineer/Site Manager. I must have enjoyed this time in my career because I did this role for over 10 years working on many power stations such as Drax, Aberthaw, Didcot, Iron Bridge, Dungeness, Hinkley B Bradwell and Longannet. This involved all aspects of cable design and installation, control system interface design, upgrades of control rooms and the removal of the old-style lamp and switch panels/desks to new modern operator desks with computer screens and back wall displays. We often had to complete our installation work during an 8 to 12 week outage including all commissioning. This was carried out in a phased approach to enable the station Operations staff to bring the plant back on line in the correct order. This enable the operators to run up the boiler, generate steam, turn the turbine and put power on the grid. During this period Instem was sold and rebranded Capula.

2008 My daughter was born and this changed my priorities. I decided I wanted to spend more time at home instead of away on power station sites. This is when I moved in to Business Development as a proposals engineer. I was comfortable with the client interaction, supply chain engagement and understood the importance of developing trusted relationships. However, it was a different story trying to get my head around how you develop a working solution to a client’s requirements based on limited information and no detailed design. I was out of my comfort zone here when it came to estimate how long it would take to deliver, and how much it would cost. It took some effort and asking lots of questions to get to grips with this with a lot of assistance from a great sales team.

2011 I guess I must have been doing something right as I was asked to become the proposals manager responsible for the team looking after all proposals across Capula’s industry sectors reporting to the sales director. These included, Power, Nuclear, Transmission & Distribution, Water and Operational Intelligence. This is where I really got to understand the nuances of each industry sector.

2014 I then became a Business Development Manager in Capula’s nuclear sector. This is where I’ve gained a significant amount of knowledge and contacts in the UK nuclear industry. As well as generating sales, I also take an active role in the delivery of the projects. This ensures that customers get what we have promised and keeps the technical and commercial aspects inline with expectations. Where issues have arisen, I’ve helped to get things back on track again. This has meant that I’ve kept up to date technology wise plus I have gained a good understanding of what the business and commercial needs are as well as the client’s too.

2018 I’ve been thinking about starting up on my own and finally decided to give it a try. Capula have been very good to me over the years and are very supportive in my decision to start up D2MK Limited.

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